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Our STM32 embedded display modules are high-resolution colour TFT displays, powered by the ST Cortex-M7 MCU @ 480MHz CPU. This hardware platform is engineered to accommodate various industrial applications.

You can focus on your application software development without the hassle of dealing with hardware and software platforms. This can save you three to six months of platform development and verification, and planning and purchasing will become much easier as you don’t need to deal with unstable supply of SOC, RAM and Flash memory.

Our STM32 embedded display modules support TouchGFX designer, so you can finish your GUI design with ease and finish your application program by popular tool chains like Keil, IAR systems and ST Cube IDE.

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Smartphone-like GUI with Gesture Support

User interfaces play a pivotal role in today’s devices. STM32 embedded displays support free development tools like TouchGFX to create smartphone-like graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with touchscreen and gesture control capabilities. This empowers developers to design intuitive and engaging user experiences that rival those of modern smartphones.

Cost-Effective Industrial Applications

STM32 embedded displays are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications without breaking the budget. With extensive peripheral like CAN PHY, and real-time control capabilities, they enable industries to build advanced control systems and automation solutions cost-effectively.

Quick and Easy Development

Time-to-market is a critical factor in product development. STM32 embedded displays offer field-proven industrial grade hardware and support free development tools like STM32 CubeIDE and TouchGFX. Experienced, UK-based technical support from Inelco Hunter streamlines the development process. This accelerates prototyping and deployment by three to six months, allowing developers to focus on innovation.


Instant-On and Real-Time Control

STM32 embedded displays excel in providing instant-on capabilities and precise real-time control. Whether you’re designing an instrument that demands millisecond response times or an industrial automation system, STM32 ensures rapid response and deterministic timing. Low-power modes, fast wake-up times, and advanced timers ensure your applications react swiftly to user input and external events.

Lower Power Consumption

Energy efficiency is paramount in today’s tech landscape. STM32 embedded displays are engineered to consume minimal power, which is critical for battery-operated devices and environmentally conscious applications. Compared to embedded-Linux system, it can save battery budget or extend the battery life easily.

IoT Capability

In an increasingly connected world, STM32 embedded displays integrate Ethernet PHY to simplify the development of connected devices, enabling data collection, remote monitoring, and intelligent decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions

What LCD screen sizes and resolutions does STM32 embedded display offer?

STM32 embedded displays are 3.5” to 7” with resolution up to 1024×600. We can customise the LCD for you.

What is the brightness of the LCD that STM32 embedded display offers?

All standard products offer 850+ nits. We can customise the LCD brightness based on your requirements.

If I want to start application development on STM32 embedded display, what tools or software do I need?

You need the following tools and software:

  1. A 64-bit windows PC (Windows 7/10/11). We recommend using Windows OS, as TouchGFX can only run on Windows.
  2. Free software tools and can be downloaded from ST website directly.
    1. STM32CubeIDE
    2. TouchGFX
    3. STM32Cube Programmer
    4. Free BSP (provided by IHL)
    5. Free Application Template for TouchGFX (provided by IHL)
  3. A 5V adaptor to power up the module (any mobile phone charger with micro-USB connector will work)
  4. A STLINK Programmer (we recommend STLINK-V3SET, which you can purchase online)
  5. Programming cable (supplied by IHL)
Do I need to learn any special programming language to use STM32 embedded display?

No. You can use standard C and C++ to develop your application program in STM32CubeIDE.

Is bare metal programming work with the STM32 embedded display?

Yes. You can use STM32 embedded display for bare metal programming without the need for any RTOS.

Do you provide BSP for the STM32 embedded display?

Yes. IHL provides free BSP, demo project for STM32 embedded display. IHL also provides Application Template for TouchGFX.

Can you provide bootloader for the STM32 embedded display?

Yes. IHL can offer standard bootloader or customised bootloader to you. Please contact us for more details.

Can the backlight of the display module be adjusted through software control?

Yes. It can be controlled by providing PWM signal to a specific GPIO pin on the module. By adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM signal, you can adjust the brightness of the LCD backlight in the software.

How can I download the program into the STM32 embedded display?

Connect the STM32 embedded display to STLINK through the on-board connector, JT1. Connect the STLINK to your PC using a USB cable. You can then use STM32CubeIDE or STM32Cube Programmer to download your program through STLINK to the STM32 display module.

Can I run Android or Linux on STM32 embedded display?

No. STM32 embedded display doesn’t support Android/Linux operating systems. If you need Android/Linux, we recommend an MPU series embedded display module.

STM32 tools chain is new to me, is there any online resource I can learn?

Yes. ST offer plenty of online tutorials in YouTube or ST website. We can send some links to you if you are interested.

My project development cycle is very short and STM32 is new to me. Anything you can help with?

Yes. IHL can offer product training and consultancy services to your engineer. Please contact us for more details.