Electrically Conductive Tapes & Films

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From simple to complex designs, 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes and Films are designed for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and grounding applications, enabling devices to meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

These electrically conductive, pressure-sensitive adhesive (CPSA) tapes and electrically conductive films provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including metals and plastics.

ProductAvailable Tape Thicknesses in the US
mil (mm)
Conduction Path
(XYZ or Z)
Conductive Filler Type and Tape FormatAdhesive TypeLiner TypeElectrical resistance through Z-axisElectrical Resistance through XY-axisFeatures and Benefits
3M tape 97012 (0.050)
4 (0.1)
XYZNi/Cu Nonwoven
C-NW Carrier
AcrylicPET Release Liner0.05 Ω
0.08 Ω
0.2 ΩLow contact R, excellent conformability, quick bonding
3M tape 97032 (0.050)ZSilver C-PSAAcrylicSilicone Treated Polycoated Kraft Paper (PCK)0.01 ΩNAZ-axis, low outgassing
3M tape 97072 (0.050)XYZSilver C-PSAAcrylicStd PET/PET Liner0.03 Ω20~80 ΩHigh adhesion, “Bond Line Gap/Slit” Low contact R, high frequency, thermal conductivity, excellent conformability Excellent resistence to shear stress Dual Liner
3M tape 9709SL2 (0.050)XYZSilver C-PSAAcrylicPCK Release liner
PET Release liner
0.06 Ω40 ΩStandard adhesion, “Bond Line Gap/Slit”
Low contact R, high frequency, thermal conductivity, excellent conformability Low liner release (SL)
3M tape 97125 (0.127)XYZCarbon Nonwoven
C-NW Carrier
AcrylicSilicone Treated PCK13 Ω50~70 ΩStandard adhesion No Nickel
Non-magnetic material Nonwoven conductive scrim
3M tape 9711S2 (0.050)
4 (0.1)
6 (0.152)
8 (0.2)
XYZNi/Cu woven C-DCTAcrylicPET Release Liner0.02 ~ 0.08 Ω 0.04 - 0.9 Ω
< 0.1 Ω
0.15~0.2 Ω
0.1 Ω
0.15 Ω
0.2 Ω
Low contact R, high adhesion, excellent conformability, quick bonding
3M tape 97133.5 (0.089)XYZNi/C Nonwoven
C-NW Carrier
AcrylicSilicone-Treated PCK1.7 Ω5 ΩStandard adhesion
3M tape 97194 (0.1)XYZNi/C Nonwoven
C-NW Carrier
SiliconeDual Polyester Liner10 Ω15-30 ΩGood adhesion to LSE substrate Best peel strength for low surface energy(LSE) materials
Good peel strength for standard products
Higher temperature resistance 149°C-204°C
3M tape 9720S1.2 (0.03)XYZNi/Cu Nonwoven
C-NW Carrier
AcrylicPET Release Liner0-07 Ω0.3 ΩMedium adhesion
Lower R non-woven conductive SC tape Thinner scrim design
3M tape 97324 (0.1)XYZNi/Cu Nonwoven
C-NW Carrier
AcrylicWhite PCK0.05 Ω0.12 ΩMedium adhesion Thicker scrim design
Excellent conformability and quick bonding
3M tape 97502.1 (0.055)XYZNi/Cu PET Nonwoven
C-NW Carrier
AcrylicPCK0.07 Ω0.1 ΩHigh adhesion
Lower R nonwoven conductive scrim
3M film 2201P2.5 (0.065)XYZNi/Cu Nonwoven
C-NW Carrier
Resin - Thermoset Epoxy / AcrylicPET Release Liner<200 m-ΩHigh bond Strength, excellent conformability, high performance Requires high-temperature bonding process that is
not reworkable after curing
3M tape 3304BC-S1.8 (.045)XYZNi/Cu Nonwoven Foil Backing C-SCTAcrylicSilicone Coated PET film-0.05 ΩScratch resistant black copper foil Excellent edge conformability Single-sided,
High shielding performances

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