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Inelco Hunter’s engineering team helps customers with defined project requirements, and those with unformed product ideas. It is here that our expertise turns concepts into brilliant products.

We perform a set of pre-design activities, critical when defining product specifications, documenting design challenges and identifying potential risks. Please contact us for more details.

1: Features

This is a critical decision-making process where our engineers work with you to clarify your project fundamentals and key requirements, creating a rational set of product features and functionality.

2: Specifications

Once the features have been established, we translate these into a technical requirements specification for the design stage. We will assist you with this specification, accounting for a selection of factors.

3: Comparisons

We compare the competing technologies and platforms from our leading suppliers to establish the optimal choice for the longevity of your design. Our assessment will consider a variety of factors as appropriate.

4: Risks

All new product developments have some challenges and risks attached. Our feasibility research seeks to identify, quantify and mitigate them. The risks and solutions identified will be documented for you.

5: Costs

Before a project is commercially sanctioned, you need to know the anticipated costs. Budgetary costs are calculated based on preliminary discussions, and initial quotations provided for discussion and review.

6: Implementation

Once the feasibility study is complete, we offer full project plan implementation, allowing customers to work effectively with our engineering team, ensuring clear communication throughout your project.

Why choose Inelco Hunter?


At Inelco Hunter, our long-standing partnerships with leading suppliers allow us to offer a comprehensive range of quality products for a wide variety of markets.


Our engineering team combine an innovative system with rational analysis to understand product design, customer expectations and target market.


Should you need any help or advice, our experienced, dedicated staff offer comprehensive technical support whenever you need it.