Amphenol distributor Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Small Thread Adaptor (STA) Option for the Sine Systems DuraMate™ Family of products. The Small Thread Adaptor incorporates an enhanced “step down” threading design for use with screw-on or clamshell backshells.

They are an economical, quick-connect, bayonet-locking system manufactured to withstand the challenges and complexities of harsh-environment, off-road applications. The adaptors meet ISO 11783 standards for control and communications between tractors for agricultural applications.

The Small Thread Adaptors are comparable to an L015 adaptor, and are compatible with existing industry standard products. They are available for existing DuraMate AHDP™ Shell Size 24 insert arrangements. The circular connectors are environmentally-sealed, multi-pin adaptors. They use heavy-duty, high-strength plastic or metal housings: impact resistant and lightweight thermoplastic or zinc-alloy metal.

Key specifications include a 3 key-way bayonet design to ensure the proper mating of connectors for use with high-density signal and mixed power insert configurations The operating temperature range is -55°C to +125°C. They are engineered for rapid and secure mating, achieving up to IP69K rating (in mated condition), providing protection from the ingress of dust, water, mud and other contaminants.

The backshells incorporate a compression-fit design to resist maximum pull-out forces and facilitate strain-relief for jacketed cable ranges. They are also highly vibration-resistant.

The Small Thread Adaptors add to the existing DuraMate AHDP™ Adaptor options: Wide Thread adaptors (Comparable to a L024 adaptor); Backshell Ring adaptors (Comparable to a L017 adaptor); and Smooth Ring adaptors (Comparable to a Standard adaptor).

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