With the rapid advances in AI (robotics and medical equipment, for example), safety has become even more important. Reliable, high-speed interconnection plays a vital role in meeting safety requirements.

This article looks at some of the most topical, high-profile markets, where safety-critical interconnection is essential.

Robotic Battery Management Systems

Autonomous robotic systems rely on their power source – the Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS is critical, ensuring the efficient utilisation of energy and the safeguarding of batteries against potential hazards. Connectors play a crucial part in maintaining the robust connectivity required for seamless operation in this safety-critical environment.

The ability of the BMS to withstand repeated charging and discharging cycles without significant capacity loss is paramount for applications like robotics in warehouses, logistics and general industry. Drone and space robot applications require efficient operation, longevity, and the safety of the battery systems.

The requirements of high current density, low weight and vibration resistance necessitate secure and reliable connections. A high-speed, shock-proof electrical interface is required to meet stringent requirements. Gold plating, for example, offers a low mating force, contributing to the efficiency, reliability, and safety in robotics applications.

Medical equipment

Precision, reliability, and seamless connectivity are paramount in the field of medical therapeutic equipment such as ventilators, anaesthesia equipment, automatic hospital beds, cardiac pacemakers, and drug infusion equipment.

From IDC cable-to-board connectors to USB Type C connectors and flex connectors, robust and reliable solutions are essential to provide the necessary connectivity and performance for this essential equipment.

Automated pharmaceutical robotics

The motor drive in a robotic arm is the driving force behind its articulated motion. Positioned at the base of the arm, it channels power to the motors, orchestrating intricate manoevres with utmost precision.

The motion controller, distinct from the motor drive, is the conductor of this robotic symphony. It sends signals to the motor drive, dictating the exact movements required for delicate tasks like pick-and-place operations. Reliable interconnection is the linchpin in this communication, ensuring seamless interaction between the motion controller and the motor drive.

Sourcing connectors for safety-critical applications

Inelco Hunter’s range of connectors from Amphenol is a prime example of a wide range of solutions that can support the demands of safety-critical markets, from a trusted global manufacturer. Choosing a single supplier is a good approach – engineering support and technical advice can then be provided by a reliable, trusted partner.

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