7 inch LCD-TFT module
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7 inch LCD-TFT module with touch capacitive panel controller and integrated DC/DC converters


  • Screen size 7 inch
  • Display matrix size 800×480 px
  • LCD-TFT RGB technology
  • Parallel display interface (24 b RGB)
  • Built-in capacitive touch panel and TP controller
  • Bulit-in LED backlight
  • Single +3.3V rail power supply
  • Operating temperature -20+70°C
  • Fully compatible with VisionCB-STD (FPC A-A cable)


Input Voltage: single +3.3V/<860 mA (incl. backlight)

Video and TP interface voltage: 3.3V

Default scanning configuration: U2D, L2R

Default dithering function: ON


Screen size: 7 inch

Resolution: 800 x 480 px (RGB)

Display active area: 154.08 x 85.92 mm

Operating temperature: -20+70°C

Graphic interface: parallel 24 b + H + V (3.3V)

Display module: Powertip JXT800480T013-IBC17

Touch Panel

Type: Capacitive

Controller: FT5426

TP interface: I2C (3.3V)

Mechanical Dimension

Module size: 192.96 x 110.76 x 10.8 mm

Mechanical Connector


FPC50, 1:1 compatible with:
VisionCB-6ULL-STD v.2.0,
VisionCB-6ULL-IND v.1.0,
VisionCB-RT-STD v.1.0