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for HVAC Controllers
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Are you looking for the right Embedded Display for your HVAC Controller? Do you need the right support to get your HVAC Display fully integrated and operational? Good news – our STM32s give you the smooth, GUI-like experience you’re looking for – and at the right price!

Features include:

  • High-performance Cortex-M7 MCU, with a 480MHz core
  • 16MB SDRAM and 32MB Flash
  • Connectivity to I2C, UART, CAN, SPI, microSD and a reconfigurable GPIO
  • Remote access and easy cloud connection
  • Software library for smartphone-like GUI

Our STM32 displays come in four sizes – from the mini 3.5″ to the compact 4.3″, the larger sized 5″ and the most popular at 7″, there’s a size for every need. What’s more, you can bypass that daunting learning curve when you make the most of our experienced engineering team, potentially reducing your time to market by as much as three to six months.

In this increasingly busy, high-pressure world, convenience and reliability are essential – our STM32 fits the bill and can be despatched straight from our UK warehouse to you.

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Our long-standing partnerships with leading suppliers allow us to offer a comprehensive range of quality products for a wide variety of markets.


Our engineers combine an innovative system with rational analysis to understand product design, customer expectations and target market.


Should you need any help or advice, our experienced, dedicated staff offer comprehensive technical support whenever you need it.

Case Studies (Download)

Read about a project we worked on with a long-standing partner and one of our customers (more case studies to follow - get in touch for further details).