Today’s SME, Enterprise and Corporate companies are looking for complete solutions with a high degree of service wrapped around product offerings i.e. truly Converged Solutions. A Converged Solutions distributor will offer the services required behind a product, to give them the tools, abilities and flexibility in their offerings to the end user.

This approach is particularly relevant to the prevalence of embedded systems and touch screens in today’s electronic products. Here are some examples: 

Embedded Systems

The Converged Solutions distributor needs extensive experience in a variety of markets and products, allowing them to offer a range of solutions for embedded systems. A skilled team of engineers can help define clear product requirements and bring the product to life. This includes support from design and prototyping through to pilot and finished production.

 Custom Design Display Solutions

One example is the original 7” Raspberry Pi display, designed by Inelco Hunter for Raspberry Pi. A larger 10.1” display kit and an industrial case were also developed in response to customer demand. OEMs will be looking for many customisation options from their chosen Converged Solutions distributor.

 Project Management Services

Managing projects can be both time-consuming and costly in the search for the best options, testing ideas and spending time liaising between different suppliers. PM services streamline this procedure, saving time and money. The Converged Solutions Distributor will need extensive project management experience to identify the best approach and reduce the project R&D time.

 Extension of Your own Team 

A Converged Distributor will help establish what is needed throughout the product design cycle, including prototyping, testing and production. It’s essential that the customer’s team is fully involved, asking the right questions to fully understand the brief, which in turn helps the development of the most appropriate solution. The process must work as a single integrated team of the distributor and the customer.

 Choosing a Converged Solutions Distributor 

Inelco Hunter is an excellent example of a Converged Solutions distributor. Incorporated in 1993, Inelco Hunter offers a wide range of electronic components including displays, embedded modules, connectors, printers and passive components. The products are coupled with comprehensive technical support, project management services and engineering design services.