Amphenol Industrial Plugs & Sockets

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Inelco Hunter supplies the full range of industrial plugs and sockets from Amphenol Industrial.

The Amphe-Phase group, Amphenol’s range of industrial plugs and sockets, are ideally suited for connecting (and disconnecting) all kinds of equipment safely and reliably. The assorted categories encompass a wide selection of markets, with colour coding provided to represent different volt ranges.

“Easy & Safe” is a range of IP67 and IP44 plugs, connectors and socket outlets/inlets:

  • reliable, safe and easy to work with
  • provides water and dust protection of self-cleaning contacts
  • prolongs the plug and socket lifetimes
  • minimises risk of accidents, injuries and damage to connected equipment

“Tough & Safe” is a range designed for environments with high functionality and safety demands:

  • robust housings made from PBT plastic
  • IP67 Watertight (16-125A) or IP44 Splash proof (63A)
  • plugs and sockets rated 16-125 A, 50-690 VAC
  • external screws made from stainless steel

“Critical & Safe” is a range designed for applications with frequent connection/disconnection

  • housings are made from PBT or aluminium
  • IP67 Watertight or IP44 Splash-proof
  • rating of 16 – 125A, 50-690 VAC
  • external screws made from stainless steel

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Why choose Inelco Hunter?


At Inelco Hunter, our long-standing partnerships with leading suppliers allow us to offer a comprehensive range of quality products for a wide variety of markets.


Our engineering team combine an innovative system with rational analysis to understand product design, customer expectations and target market.


Should you need any help or advice, our experienced, dedicated staff offer comprehensive technical support whenever you need it.