Raspberry Pi 4

Tiny, powerful and reliable

Tried and tested - and internationally trusted

So often, technology is introduced with a fanfare, a lot of hype and clamour, and … the occasional anticlimax. How do you avoid the gamble that can come with buying the latest version?

Simple – opt for the well known, reliable product that’s not demanding the limelight but quietly getting on with it. That’s the Raspberry Pi 4, in this instance. The world’s best SBC, no less.

We have great availability of the Pi 4, and our stocks are available to ship straight from our UK warehouse. No waiting around for international shipping, no consternation over the risk of oceanic delays. and no worry over component time factors.

It’s ready to go (as a 2GB, 4GB or 8GB model) – in its own right, or as part of a wider range of parts and accompaniments. Why not add one of our proven HDMI Displays to your order.

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