FID-15x series

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The projected capacitive touch panels (FID-15x series) feature a glass sensor with a top cover glass structure and are available in custom sizes up to nine inches. They feature 90% (typical) transparency, 10 simultaneous inputs and an operating life of 10 million taps. A Chip-on-Film (COF) controller IC requires minimal mounting space and provides I2C output.

  • Chip-on-Film (CoF) Flex Tail
  • Android™ support*1
  • I2C interfaces
  • Custom Cover Glass option
  • Strengthened Glass option
  • Graphic Border / Logo option
  • Custom Design product
  • RoHS compliant

Type: Projected Capacitive Touch Panel
Input Method: Finger (up to 10 simultaneous inputs)
Panel size: Up to 9-inch
Hardness: Min. 7H
Construction: Glass sensor / cover glass
Tapping Life: Min. 10,000,000
Position Accuracy: Max. ±2mm
Optical Transparency: 90% (typical), min. 85%
Haze: 1.0 % (typical), max. 3.0%
Electrical rated: voltage 3.3VDC (typical)
Consumption: current 2 Active (1 point input): max. 15mA
Active: (10 simultaneous inputs): max. 17mA
Standby: max. 17mA
Sleep: max. 15µA
Temperature: -30° to +85°C*3
Humidity: 5 to 90% RH *3