Contactless Test Switch for Combo Tester X3 & SmartLog Pro®

  • Contactless Test Switch
    Use with the SmartLog Pro® or Combo Tester X3 to test operators that wear foot grounders or dual-wire wrist straps
  • Infrared Activation Trigger
    Allows operators to initiate tests without touching any parts

Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
Operating Temperature: 41 to 85°F (5 to 30°C)
Environmental Requirements: Indoor use only at altitudes less than 6500 ft. (2 km). Maximum relative humidity of 80% up to 85°F (30°C) decreasing linearly to 50% @ 85°F (30°C)
Dimensions: 8.3″ L x 4.0″ W x 3.2″ H (210 mm x 102 mm x 81 mm)
Weight: 0.9 lbs. (0.4 kg)
Communication Cable Length: 2 ft. (610 mm)
Country of Origin: United States of America