Inelco Hunter offers a rugged, industrial-grade steel case for the 10.1 inch PCAP Touch Screen Kit, developed to work with the Raspberry Pi. This cost-effective, pre-assembled display Kit with the new steel enclosure realises the potential of the Raspberry Pi, turning it into a complete industrial system with minimal effort.

The potential commercial and industrial uses include factory automation, medical devices, home technology, IoT products, communication systems, payment terminals etc.

The kit comes pre-assembled to take the Raspberry Pi which is simply mounted onto the rear of the interface PCB using the supplied pillars and screws. The display provides a resolution up to WXGA. Connection is via an onboard HDMI interface PCB which provides all power, signal and backlight conversion for the TFT display.

The Kit requires 12V at 2A to drive the TFT display, touch panel and backlight, and 5V at 2A to power the Pi. Features include a multi-touch input PCAP touch screen, which can be either USB or I2C connected, a wide angle of view IPS display and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

The screen dimensions are 255mm x 174mm x 9mm (including the touch panel) and the screen view area is
218mm x 137mm.

The Kit includes: a 10.1 inch Touch Screen display; an HDMI to LVDS interface PCB (pre-assembled); an HDMI to HDMI interface cable; a Micro USB to USB interface cable; plus 4xM2.5 Screws and Pillars to
mount the Pi.

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